Raspberry Mango Sorbet in Lemon Cups

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Raspberry Mango Sorbet in Lemon Cups
Lemons (There is enough sorbet to fill 4-6 lemons)
1/2 cup Frozen Raspberries
1/2 cup Frozen Mangos
1/2 cup Orange Juice (or crystal light orange drink)

To make lemon cups, cut top of lemon off.  Using a grapefruit knife, cut lemon out being careful not to pierce the skin.  Use a spoon to carefully scoop additional lemon out.
In a food processor, blend raspberries, mangos, and orange juice until smooth.
Spoon sorbet into lemon cups.
Cover with plastic wrap and place in freezer.  Thaw for ten minutes before eating.

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  • those look so fancy!! and free points! I want one!

  • Those look so crazy amazing!

  • We used to buy these from a local Italian specialty shop and they were amazing! I love that these are homemade!

  • grrreat idea! i love this. i want to make it this upcoming weekend too!!


  • This is so perfect what a great idea!! Your so creative!

  • Hi Sam! These are just gorgeous and they look so refreshing; the perfect way to end a great summer 🙂

  • Fun recipe!

    Back in the days I used to live near a Trader Joe's, I loved sorbet-filled oranges. I haven't had then in forever, so I'll have to give this a shot!

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