Sakura Season

105 years ago, Japan gave the United States two cherry blossom trees as a symbol of friendship.  They were planted at the Tidal Basin and began a wonderful tradition between the two countries.  We have been lucky enough to see the cherry blossoms in DC many times, and now to see the original sakura trees begin to blossom in Japan!
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Yamaguchi Flower Land

What better place to spend a gorgeous sunny afternoon (especially after a week straight of rain!) than a park full of flowers?  Yamaguchi Flower Land - you are the Maymont Park of Japan and totally have my heart.  I am already picturing many spring picnics here, especially next year with the baby!
yamaguchi flowerland
yamaguchi flower land
iwakuni flowerland
spring in iwakuni japan
iwakuni japan
flowers in iwakuni
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