Mar 27, 2015

March Madness On Demand {FREE} Challenge

Hey y'all!  So much to update but wanted to quickly invite you to a FREE challenge that I am hosting next week and SO excited about called March Madness On Demand!
March Madness On Demand Free Challenge
I love having a group of people come together to accomplish their goals and HAVE FUN so I am so excited for us to mix things up and do this challenge together!

In case you haven’t heard, Beachbody released “On Demand” which is pretty much the Netflix of fitness, with over 150 different workouts available for unlimited streaming from your computer, smart phone, or tablet! This means you can do Insanity in the backyard, TurboFire in the park, or PiYo on the beach! I’ve been trying it out recently and I’m totally obsessed! Even more exciting, Beachbody just announced that they are giving you the chance to try out On Demand COMPLETELY FREE for 30 days!!

Since I want to try out a little bit of EVERYTHING, I thought it would be fun to get a group together to do an “On Demand” March Madness workout bracket where we try out different workouts each day and see what comes out as the fan favorite :)

You’ll get full access to unlimited streaming on demand, a printable bracket with the workout options for each day, and the fun and accountability of the group! PLUS I’ll send you a reminder at the end of the group to email and cancel your free trial so that you are never charged a penny!
Beachbody On Demand Free Trial
How it works:
1. CLICK on this link and start your FREE Beachbody On Demand trial: here!
2. EMAIL ME ( and let me know when you have signed up for your free trial and I will add you to the private March Madness On Demand Facebook group (This group is where all of the fun is going to happen!)
3. Beginning on Monday, you will have two different workouts from two different programs to choose between. You will stream the workout for FREE via On Demand and complete whichever workout you prefer then cast your vote for the workout you completed. It will work like a typical March Madness bracket where Monday-Thursday will be the “Elite 8”, Friday and Saturday will be the “Final Four”, and Sunday will be the final round to decide the winner workout of March Madness On Demand. {{You will simply need to complete one workout each day and cast your vote!}}
4. There will be small challenges throughout the week with the chance to win PRIZES!

To join the event on Facebook, click here!  I am SO EXCITED to get started and can’t wait to hear what you workouts you love! Invite your friends and let’s get ready for some MARCH MADNESS ON DEMAND!

Mar 23, 2015

Tips for the Hal and Mal's St. Patricks Day Parade in Jackson, MS

Earlier this year my hairdresser told me (and yes, hairdressers are the best information sources in small towns!) that Rob and I had to check out the St. Patrick's Day parade in Jackson, MS in March.  She said that people come from all over and that we would love it.  I made a mental note and tried to look for more information about it.  Bits and pieces here and there but I couldn't find any solid tips for the parade other than the date, history, location and that supposedly 75,000 people attend (which I thought had to be a typo but turned out to be true!) 
Hal and Mal's Parade Rain 2015
We love adventures and decided to just check it out and see what all the fuss was about.  Although the weather was less than ideal and we were not really prepared, the parade was so much fun!  I can imagine it being it being a super fun way to celebrate spring on a gorgeous day and if, for some reason, we are still in Meridian next March or another March in the future, I would definitely go back (more prepared!)
Jackson St Patricks Day Parade Tips

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Hal And Mal's Parade Tips
The Event is rain or shine!
The weather was really unfortunate this year, pouring down rain and cold, but the parade carried on.  Check the weather and come prepared.  Tents, umbrellas, rainboots, and warm clothes are a necessity on rainy parade days.  Also I suggest bringing a change of socks/shoes in the car to change for toasty toes on your drive home.

The Parade starts at 1pm but the festivities start much earlier!
The best comparison for the parade that I've heard is that it is a cross between "Mardi Gras in New Orleans and an SEC football tailgate".  While the parade starts at one, the pre and post parade are equally as important as the parade itself.  Tents line the parade route early filled with spreads of foods, adult beverages, chairs, music, and other party essentials.  While researching for our trip, I couldn't find any of the "rules" about alcohol but from experience the only rule I could see was "there are none!"  It's free to set up your "plot" and I highly recommend it!  Plus a tent can help protect you from the elements, whether that is sun, rain, or just beads!  I recommend bringing your own spread of food but there are also food vendors every block or so. 

Parking is easy
We paid $10 to park in a lot but there was tons of street parking.  We parked behind the Trade Market and had a quick, easy walk to the parade route.  When in doubt, ASK!  There are police officers everywhere more than willing to help give directions.

Stick around for the after-parade party
After the parade, there is a giant street party with live music and entertainment outside of Hal and Mal's.  While we were too cold and wet to stay this year, it seems like it would be a great time.  The parade is free but the after-party does require paid wristbands (this year they were $20) and no coolers are allowed at the after-party! 

Wear GREEN and have FUN!
This one might be an obvious but wear green and feel free to come decked-out.  Costumes, glitter, beads, boas, and GREEN are everywhere so you don't have to worry about looking silly!  Come with a good attitude, have fun, and be safe! 

Mar 17, 2015

Green Scrambled Eggs

I'm not even sure if this can be called a recipe it's so simple but these green scrambled eggs are fun for St. Patrick's Day and so easy to make!  I have to admit, it feels a little bit weird eating bright green scrambled eggs....but in the real world, these are much more appropriate for a Tuesday morning than green beer! Oh how I miss college ;)
Healthy Green Scrambled Eggs
These green scrambled eggs are a fun way to celebrate St. Patricks Day but still stay on track with your healthy eating since they are 21 Day Fix, Paleo, Whole 30, Tone It Up, and most likely whatever else approved with only two simple ingredients!

Green Scrambled Eggs
1 Handful of spinach
2 Eggs

Add spinach and eggs to blender and blend on high until smooth and green.
Cook in a pan like normal.  Be sure to stir and flip often as they are a little stickier in the pan than normal eggs.

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Mar 5, 2015

Friday Favorites

Another Friday already?!? I don't know about you but 2015 is FLYING BY already for me!!! Hard to believe that it is already March when it feels like we were just making New Years resolutions! It's been a pretty fabulous week in the Reddy household so I hope this week has been equally as wonderful for you. Here are some favorites from this week.

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Eating: BOWLS!  Acai bowls.  Smoothie bowls.  Power bowls.  I just can't get enough recently!

Reading:  Working my way through the Naptime Diaries Lent devotional and finally got my hands on "It Starts With Food" by Melissa Hartwig (I know I know a little late to that game but one chapter in and already loving it!)  Also exciting that Melissa liked my silly bikini in the snow picture on instagram ;)  The things I do for La Croix lol

High Fiving: I loved this post by Jenn about Instagram.  I can especially relate to her honesty in #9.  Here's in instagramming what we love always and not being shy about it!   Also if you haven't checked out her blog Southern Anchors yet, it is a must read!  I love her style!

Shopping: Speaking of stylish and successful friends, two sweet friends from two completely different states with two adorable shops that I am currently lusting over.  Amanda's shop The Handmade Hustle is making me even more anxious for spring (Gimme this and this ASAP!) and Bromli's Palm Place has officially moved from weeknight auctions to full time which means I can get my accessories fix anytime (I need this and this!)

Swooning: See those gorgeous tulips up there?  A "just because" surprise from my sweet husband!  Total bonus points for that one right there!

Trying: In case you haven't heard, Beachbody officially launched Beachbody On Demand which is pretty much the Netflix of workout videos.  You have the ability to stream a zillion different workouts from p90x to Insanity to TurboFire, right on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  I can't wait for the weather to get nice to be "that girl" doing a workout video in the park by our house ;)

Planning: My mom and sister officially arrive in Mississippi on Sunday and I can't wait!  Our first visitors to good ole Meridian!  I have some fun adventures planned and hope the weather is at least somewhat cooperative.  Regardless, it will just be great to be together!

Thinking:  With daylight savings time this week, that means that spring really is right around the corner...right?!  Please say yes!  This summer girl is ready for some sunshine!

What are you up to this weekend? 

Mar 4, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme Day 16

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Food (Extreme Plan):
Breakfast: Acai Bowl
Lunch: Power Bowl
Snack: Greenberry Shakeology
Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Blood Orange, and Arugula Salad
Snack: Almond Butter

Extreme Upper Fix

Upper Fix is by far my favorite workout of the week.  Meals were great today (excited to share some new favorite recipes!) and it was overall a great day!

Interested in trying it out for yourself?  Get yours hands on a copy here (or the original fix!) and/or get plugged into one of my challenge groups here!
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