4th of July might be one of my absolute favorite holidays.  It's no secret that I am a big fan of America and everything patriotic...so adding in sunshine, cookouts, and fireworks just makes it even better.  Rob had a 96 this holiday weekend (four day weekend) so we made sure to fill it up with all things "American"!
 photo DSC_4657.jpg
 beer at the charleston riverdogs games
On Saturday after our usual trip to the Port Royal farmers market, we headed up to Charleston to watch the Riverdogs take on the Augusta Greenjackets.  Although the Blue Wahoos have the number one spot in my heart, I am sucker for all minor league baseball and this was no exception.  The team might have lost but the food was definitely a win.  Although it was tough to narrow down the options, we tried the shrimp and grits corndog dipped and fried in hush puppy batter, chicken and waffles, buffalo chicken sweet potato fries, and the deep fried pecan pie cheesecake on a stick.  When in the South on the 4th of July, eat all things deep fried right?! ;)  Luckily the baseball stadium is located right beside the Citadel so we were able to walk off some of that delicious food and check out the campus.
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things to do in charleston sc: riverdogs baseball game
food at the charleston riverdogs baseball games
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fireworks after charleston riverdogs game
Brunch is clearly an American necessity so Sunday morning we headed to The Americano.  A Miami inspired restaurant located in Mount Pleasant, this place is an instagram dream.  I could not get enough of the bright colors, the huge palm leaves, and the succulent wall.  I had the chili infused plantain french toast and it was super unique.  I am looking forward to coming back to grab drinks for Happy Hour as they have an awesome drink menu.
the americano brunch review charleston sc
carolina cider company pecan pie
carolina cider company peach cider
Anytime we make the drive between Beaufort and Charleston, a stop at Carolina Cider Company is a necessity.  Do you know that their pecan pie was voted the BEST pecan pie in the entire state of South Carolina?!  That is saying something!  A pecan pie square and a peach cider from here make the perfect summer roadtrip snacks.
habersham 4th of july parade
habersham 4th of july parade
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 photo DSC_4674.jpg
We kicked off the actual 4th with a parade in our neighborhood.  Nothing says small town America like a golf cart parade led by our neighborhood fire truck!  After the parade, we headed to the pool for the afternoon before washing up for the cookout.  We started the night at our neighborhood cookout back at the pool.  Responsible for a side dish, I brought red, white, and blue pasta salad.  10 Market, an awesome restaurant right in Habersham, cooked the BBQ and the neighbors provided every possible delicious side.  (Trust me, I tried as many as I could fit on my plate!)  After dinner, we headed to our friends' cookout in a nearby neighborhood for dessert and fireworks on their dock.

4th of July

The other day I stumbled across an Instagram caption that talked about how their days had recently been filled with things that didn't really matter to other people but mattered to them and I thought YES, that's exactly how our life has been recently.  We haven't been taking any big trips, we haven't been eating at any fancy restaurants, but our days have been filled with little moments, doing things that matter to us.  Doesn't make for exciting posts but does make for a full life!
boating in beaufort sc
renting a boat from mcas beaufort
Doing:  Last weekend, we rented a boat from base and spent the entire weekend out on the water.  It was perfect!  Sunshine and being near the water are crucial to my sanity ;)

Reading:  Recently finished The Girl on the Train (super late to that one!) and Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline and just started Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.
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Eating:  We spent the end of May and most of June completing the Whole30 (100%, did it!  So proud!) but since then it has been a breakfast sandwiches from the farmer's market and waffles cones of chocolate raspberry truffle.  Balance, right? ;)
pluff mudd coffee in port royal sc
Drinking:  Honey Lavender iced coffees from a new little coffee shop in Port Royal, Pluff Mudd.

Listening: To this and this and this on repeat!

Writing: In my new planner which FINALLY started this week!
prince of tides tour in beaufort sc
Socializing:  This month's squadron coffee was a fun one.  The ladies planned a two hour sunset boat tour on the Prince of Tides.  We loaded up the boat with wine and snacks and had the absolute perfect weather for the evening.  I brought these cheesecake stuffed strawberries (but chocolate cheesecake and dipped in dark chocolate) and they were a hit.

Watching:  The season finale of The Office, again.  Rob and I started The Office over from episode one when we moved to Beaufort.  It has been so fun to watch an episode or two every couple of nights and rewatching some of our favorite moments.  Turns out, knowing what is going to be happen doesn't make the finale any less emotional - I cried like a baby...again.  (If you really want a good cry, check out the cast read the final episode for the first time...it's too much for my heart to handle!)
beaufort blogger
Prioritizing: Real life > Facebook.  Deleting FB from my phone has been (as always for me!) the best decision.  (Still love instagram though!)
marine corps blogger - beaufort sc
Celebrating:  The last hurrah of the Spaghetti Club.  One of the restaurants in our neighborhood closed down (and is being replaced by an awesome Indian restaurant in a few weeks) so of course we had to eat, drink, and dance there one last time.  They had an awesome band and a buffet/open bar for the final celebration and being able to walk just a few steps home made the night even more fun.

Looking forward to: July!  I'm excited to spend the holiday weekend with good friends, good food, fireworks, baseball, and brunch.  We also have some fun things on the calendar for July so I'm excited to soak up South Carolina summer!

Currently in Beaufort

Always a fan of "experience gifts", we took Rob's parents to Kiawah Island this weekend to celebrate my father in law's birthday.  Kiawah Island is a little over an hour and a half drive from Beaufort (also roughly the same from Charleston!) and an easy drive for a day or weekend trip.  The drive itself is almost magical - tree tunneled streets, gorgeous mansion homes, and local fruit stands dot the sides of the two lane road to Kiawah.
kiawah island golf resort ocean course
brunch at the ocean course kiawah island
brunch at the ryder cup bar kiawah island
While the drive is gorgeous, Kiawah Island does not disappoint either.  It feels a bit like a hidden island, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.  The four of us had brunch on the patio of the the Ryder Cup Bar at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, overlooking both the 18th hole of the Ocean Course and the ocean itself.  Between the sea breeze and the views, I can't imagine a better location for breakfast in all of Kiawah!  It's no surprise that the PGA championship will be held at this location in 2021.  After brunch, we explored the grounds and clubhouse before heading over to The Sanctuary hotel for more wandering and exploring.
 photo 3946ebae-b9c2-4d16-a4f1-f8888dc36d22.jpg
kiawah island golf resort brunch
On our way out of town, we had to make a quick stop at the Angel Oak on John's Island.  Said to be at least 500+ years old, this gigantic southern live oak is quite a sight to take in.  Although it was a bit more tourist-y than I pictured in my head (lots of visitors!), it is definitely something you have to see in person.
angel oak south carolina
I say this constantly but South Carolina never ceases to leave me in awe.  This gorgeous state has so much beauty to offer and I feel so lucky to soak it all in.

Kiawah Island

I am convinced that being on the water is good for the soul.  Slow mornings on the back deck with coffee and library books, afternoons spent on the boat or jetski or playing rummikub -- these are the things summer days are made of!
 photo IMG_9700.jpg
 photo d66aba02-d9a3-46d5-8540-e916ba882efa.jpg
 photo a53db221-f91b-4709-9bf4-c9150fa76d26.jpg
Rob and I snuck away for the long weekend to Lake Gaston and that time to relax was wonderful.  Although we got hit with some serious rain on our last day, the rest of the weekend was filled with ample sunshine and perfect boating weather.  We are so lucky to have this gorgeous place, just four hours away, to escape to!
 photo 0cb89ff6-3231-484b-94f5-0a994e9f35b7.jpg
 photo 18aecf18-c54d-4881-9cbc-389375b70c9b.jpg
 photo IMG_9738.jpg
 photo a8c56095-e243-4367-a33a-101e4bd963bb.jpg
Operation "Savor Summer" is in full effect!

Lake Gaston

This cherry limeade is so simple but so perfect for summer!  I made a double batch for my s'mores and champagne social and it was a hit.  I kept it non-alcoholic so that everyone could enjoy a glass but added a splash (or three) of champagne to my glass which made it even better.  I'm sure it would also be delicious with vodka ;)
 photo cherry limeade.jpg
Cherry Limeade 
Makes one pitcher

1 jar maraschino cherries 
1 tube frozen limeade
1 two liter of Sprite

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy over crushed ice

Cherry Limeade

Last week, I had the opportunity to host my first coffee for the wives in Rob's squadron.  To clarify (since I did not know this!), in military terms "coffee" is synonymous with "social" --- most of the time, there is not actually any coffee served!  It is simply a monthly social held in part to go over business for that month and in part to get together and socialize! 

s'mores bar
habersham sc
I attended my first coffee back in February at Low Country produce and volunteered to host the May coffee.  Because the weather is gorgeous and so is our neighborhood, I knew I wanted to plan something outdoors.  S'mores and champagne on the river?  Yes and yes!  
smores bar social
 photo 40ca8cc1-cd27-4729-ac15-6ce39a69dbca.jpg
habersham south carolina
Bug spray and wet wipes for sticky fingers = necessities
cherry limeade recipe
I kept things simple - a s'mores bar, champagne, and a big pitcher of cherry limeade.  It was low key and a great way to just spend time chatting over sweets.  One of the British wives had her very first s'more EVER and when her husband came to pick her up, he had to try his first as well!  
 photo IMG_9608.jpg
Fellow military wives -- what are some of your favorite "coffees" you have attended?!

S'mores and Champagne

Is it just me or did April/May fly by?!?  I feel like I was just getting ready for spring and now it is already almost Memorial Day weekend!  Last night I started writing my Beaufort summer bucket list because I know summer will fly by and I want to really be intentional with our time.  But first, let's catch up on some things that kept us busy this past month.
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 photo IMG_9255.jpg
We traveled to Virginia for a bittersweet combo trip.  First, we headed home to Stafford for Rob's grandmothers funeral.  Although bittersweet, it was nice to be able to spend time with so many people from our families in one trip.  We also got to sleep at my house and eat our favorites (Capital Ale House, Foode, Carl's) one last time before my parents move from Stafford for good.
carls ice cream fredericksburg va
That weekend, my mom drove us down to Richmond to celebrate my friend Annas wedding!  We got down just in time to meet everyone at The Tobacco Company for welcome cocktails.  The wedding was held, and we stayed at, The Quirk Hotel downtown which was so chic and adorable.  Between all of the pink and the fiddle leaf fig trees in the lobby, I was in heaven.  We drank champagne and danced the night away with our closest friends from college!
coffee bar the quirk hotel rva
 photo IMG_9326.jpg
wedding at the quirk hotel in richmond va
 photo IMG_9377.jpg
 photo IMG_9378.jpg

Back in Beaufort, we have been keeping busy living the vacation lifestyle.  Rob's schedule is currently super light (and as I say all the time, I know this won't last!) so we have been pretending to be on vacation.  Our typical days are filled with trips to Hilton Head Island and Savannah, lounging on the beach or by the pool, golfing (for Rob) , Pure Barre (for me), and grilling out.  Needless to say, I am not complaining a bit!
 photo IMG_9664.jpg
 photo IMG_9552.jpg
 photo IMG_9671.jpg
 photo IMG_9440.jpg
 photo IMG_9669.jpg
We attended Taste of Beaufort downtown and love any excuse for a cold drink and live music on the water.  Our friends Bethany and Greg hosted a table at a local trivia fundraiser and invited Rob and I to attend.  Our table's theme was Top Gun and I think we made a pretty good Maverick and Charlie ;)
top gun couples costume
 photo IMG_9571.jpg
top gun costume
Now that summer is officially here (although it has felt like summer in South Carolina for weeks!), I am so excited to soak it up!

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